Friday 31 May 2013

Is it really this simple?

Thursday 30 May 2013

Nike decides not to Live Strong

There has been much written (and said) about Lance Armstrong over the last few months.

To help his cancer organisation Live Strong avoid a backlash Armstrong cut ties with them a while back.

Well it seems the Armstrong fallout continues...

Yesterday Nike announced they were ending their nine association with Live Strong.

Can't say as I blame them to be honest.

But it's very sad none the less.

Nike helped Live Strong raise around $100million through sales of the distinctive yellow wristband.

So where to for Live Strong now?

Wednesday 29 May 2013

The hack as a way of working

Found this on the blog of Kevin Roberts the worldwide CEO of Saatchis. It's so good I've lifted it verbatim. I don't think he'll mind.

"I’ve often said that at Saatchi & Saatchi we prefer Outlaws to Sheriffs, Pirates to the Navy and Hackers to Programmers.

The Saatchi & Saatchi Creative Quorum in Singapore - five executive creative directors from the Asia Pacific who drive new creative thinking across the region - defined this for us."

A hacker beats the system.
A programmer maintains the system.

A hacker is trying to get in.
A programmer is trying to stop things getting in.

A hacker does things because he believes in them.
A programmer does what he is supposed to.

A hacker changes the way things are.
A programmer tries to keep the status quo.

A hacker is agile.
A programmer is a small cog in a big slow machine.

A hacker has many points of attack.
A programmer has one job.

A hacker has to be fast.
A programmer doesn’t.

A hacker is self-reliant.
A programmer relies on others.

A hacker finds paths that don’t exist.
A programmer guards the old ones that already do.

A hacker is about being interesting.
A programmer is about being perfect.

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Words on an envelope

Not often you see stuff about stamps on BrandDNA.

But then this is no ordinary stamp.

It was created by Dutch creative agency The Stone Twins.

Quite why the Irish turned to the Dutch to design a stamp I have no idea.

But I love that they avoided the obvious Irish literary figures and instead went with words words and more words by young Irish writers.

Pop your glasses on and have a read. Go on. You know you want to.

Monday 27 May 2013

Ford calls the cops!

Lot of sad news about Ford here in Australia last week.

I spent a lot of time during my career working with Ford.

Never my favourite client but I did manage to sneak a few award winners past the gatekeepers.

Anyway this post is about the golden age of Ford - the seventies.

Who knew that there were brochures to sell cars to the police?

I certainly didn't.

But this is a selection of covers from those brochures.

Great illustrations don't you think?

Friday 24 May 2013

Thank you from Google

This is just gorgeous. A web film by Google celebrating all the developers that have helped the web develop and develop and develop. 

Thursday 23 May 2013

Introducing Beardvertising

Given people have sold their heads and bodies as advertising media I wouldn't be surprised to discover that Beardvertising was a real thing.

It's not.

At least I hope it's not.

Check it out here.

Oh and be sure and share the link with your hipster friends.

Wednesday 22 May 2013

An ad waiting to happen

Came across this image on a Tumblr this morning.

Can't help thinking it is a press ad waiting to happen.

I just need to think of an idea to use it for.


Tuesday 21 May 2013

Autumn at Aesop

It's autumn in Melbourne and the streets are awash with fallen leaves.

And there's nothing I love more than scuffing my feet through the as I walk.

To celebrate autumn at Aesop skincare in Fitzroy they brought the outside in yesterday.

Shopping has never been so much fun!

Monday 20 May 2013

Variations of American Apparel

 Maybe it's just me. But I'm pretty sure there's something not quite right about the way American Apparel market the same product to different genders.

Case in point this blue flannel shirt. And below it yet another flannel shirt.

Friday 17 May 2013

Stock footage romance

Stock shots are the bane of the modern creative person's life.

Clients think they're cheaper and easier than doing photography.

They're not. Well most of the time anyway.

What many people don't realise is that stock libraries also have stock video.

Yes video.

This gorgeous little spot for Getty Video was created by AlmapBBDO.

It's made from 105 different Getty clips.

And it took four months to review over 4,000 videos to find thos 105 clips.

I have no idea who on earth has the patience for that! 

Thursday 16 May 2013

Velvety chocolate floating

When I was in New Zealand back in January I noticed a lot of long copy as headline type ads.

I have to admit I kinda like them.

Especially when they're done well.

Beverage brand Mac do some particularly good ones.

Their beers are pretty damn good too.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

A gay ad

For some reason gay marriage is still a topic of hot debate in Australia.

And as is so often the case our neighbours in New Zealand have shown that they're a far more progressive nation than we are.

So hats of to the kids from Grey Melbourne who created and ran this topical ad to tie in with the announcement that New Zealand had legalised gay marriage.

I've always loved a good topical ad. And this a good one.

The team who made it were part of the Come Home Droga promo from last year.

They've obviously got some serious creative skills. 

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Take and give

That Seth Godin quote is from a Creative Mornings talk he gave last week.

It is the first time I've heard but believe me when I say it is spot on.

You see it on the football field where young players are encouraged to step up.

And you see it in agencies where the person who grabs a brief and takes charge is the one who goes on to do great things.

if you're one of those sit quietly in the corner types I suggest you take notice of what Seth has to say. 

Monday 13 May 2013

A far from bright idea

I've spoken many times about my disappointment that rather than killing advertising the internet has actually been responsible for more of.

And most of it bad.

Case in point is the flashlight app on my iPhone.

That's a screenshot of the interface above.

Clean. Simple. And very easy to operate.

Last week they issued an update so I downloaded it. Of course.

Imagine my surprise when I opened it and saw that godawful little banner ad at the bottom of my screen.

Advertiser funded. Advertiser supported. Brand engagement opportunity.

Call it what you will but I cannot for the life of me understand why any brand would advertise on a banner in a flashlight app.

If you've ever used a torch (and I know you have) you'll know that you don't look at the torch you look at the beam of light it shines on the ground.

And never ever at a banner ad.

Friday 10 May 2013

Farewell Mrs Marsh

Colgate's Mrs Marsh is one of the great Australian advertising creations. The lady who played her Barbara Callcott died today. Unbelievably she was still helping promote oral hygiene for kids right up to her death. 

Half the story

Visually stunning campaign for the BBC. Sadly my blog template doesn't allow me to have the pics up any bigger. However I do believe if you click on the pics you will get a much bigger version.

Thursday 9 May 2013

Sometimes nobody cares

Love this quote from legendary designer Saul Bass.

Words to live by I think.

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Warmth and charm

I've been working on a campaign for the last few days that is slowly but surely having every ounce of wit and charm sucked out of it.

I can't tell you how frustrating it is.

But then I've always said that having an idea is the easy part. It's making it happen that requires real creativity.

Anyway I don't want to moan. Well actually I do. But I won't.

I just wish people were able to put aside their 'two cents worth' and just embrace a piece of work for the goodness it contains.

Just imagine if the florist's message in the pic above had to be run past a committee.

I'm pretty sure he'd be left with nothing more than a sign that said 'Flowers'.

And even that message would probably be accompanied by an asterisk. 

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Look up kids

I've been trying to get a lenticular concept up for years. Seriously envious of the team at Grey in Spain who made this stunning piece of work. 

Monday 6 May 2013

Rock on retro style

A light hearted retro styled musical interlude to start the week.

Love the use of illustration in the ads.

Far more evocative than your stereo (pardon the pun) typical band photography.

Shame the ads all look like they're for the same brand though!

Thursday 2 May 2013

The power (and importance) of Twitter

Regular visitors to BrandDNA are sure to understand the importance of Twitter.

If you have colleagues who don't get it, or you're friends with the boss of Myer, perhaps send them a link to this 5 minute talk by David Hepworth.

It does ends quite suddenly though. Which is a bit of a shame.

Wednesday 1 May 2013

It's called cheating

These two screenshots are from two different folios. The similarity is uncanny. The commentary below is from my friend Matt who's a CD in London who looked at both these folios today.

"It's always interesting when you are interviewing creative teams for a role, and you find two different teams who have the exact same ad in their portfolio.

Reminds me of the time a colleague was doing a creative course and told me how a fellow student showed a page torn from a magazine with an ad she said she had done. But he knew it was mine. And he told her. In front of the whole class. Sweet."