Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I am creatively un-satisfied

Neil Perkin tipped me off to this video. It asks the question "Are you creatively satisfied?" to a group of creative people.

Some of their responses have me baffled.

Some say yes. One guy says that a big pay cheque is satisfying. And many are indifferent.

Personally I don't consider myself overly creative but I've somehow managed a 20 year career in adland so I must have some sort talent.

Anyway I don't think I have ever been creatively satisfied.

Every time I see a piece of my work I see a small part of it that could've been done better.

It could be a word. It could be the way a headline has be set. It could be the way a fingerprint marks a  paperstock. Or it could just be that I am never 100% happy with what I do.

Of course I would go slowly insane (and miss every deadline) if I tried to make every piece of work I do 100%.

But that doesn't mean I'll ever stop striving for it.