Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rolling Stones and Chrysler

I'm currently reading what is considered one of the definitive rock books - Stanley Booth's The true adventures of the Rolling Stones.

Booth was a journo who basically embedded himself in the Stones entourage during their 1969 tour of the USA.

This tour is best known (not sure best is the right word) for culminating in the free concert at Altamont Raceway.

At this concert a young fan was savagely beaten to death. An incident that could hardly be regarded as good publicity.

But good publicity from the Stones is what Chrysler were looking for in '69 when they supplied vehicles to transport the band during the tour.

In Booth's book he quotes a Chrysler representative who says, "Chrysler wanted nothing from the Stones in the way of endorsements or promotional photographs."

They simply wanted to be associated with the Stones brand which they could then use to tap into the burgeoning youth market.

This is very different from today's world of massive corporate sponsored concerts.

Although I suspect Chrysler ended up keeping very quiet about their involvement with the Stones in '69.