Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Let's kill off agency blogs

An agency I used to work at is currently advertising for digital savvy Creatives who get social media.

Last time I looked blogs were considered social media.

So the fact their agency blog has been gathering dust for several months may be why they're hiring.

Although I doubt it.

Anyway it's not the only agency blog that's gathering dust.

There are loads of them.

Many of them probably started by well intentioned Planners.

But let's be honest - those people have probably got too much work to do to worry about updating a blog.

So how 'bout we issue an agency blog moratorium and kill them all off.

Yes all of them.

Because even those that have been updated within the last month generally only feature the agency plugging their work.

Except of course for W&K London whose blog is always up to date and well worth a visit.