Thursday, 11 March 2010

Backwards vs Forwards

The launch of the App Store helped cement the success of Apple’s iPhone. So much so that other phone makers have since introduced their own variations of it.

Today I learnt that when Microsoft introduce their latest Windows Phone operating system later this year it will not be compatible with any of the apps they currently have available.

Is it just me or is that a seriously dumb move?

Apparently Microsoft are not that keen on backwards compatibility. Or as Microsoft’s Charlie Kindel puts it, “For us the cost of going from good to great is a clean break from the past.”

Which is all good and well but what about all those people who don’t want to upgrade their phone this year?

And what about all those people who have invested in a number of apps already. How will they feel about having to buy new versions of what they already have?

Windows has its loyalists. And many people are still hesitant to switch to Apple. But surely a move like this is going to encourage people to move away from Microsoft?

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