Friday, 19 June 2009

What's wrong with adland?

Speaking recently to Contagious renowned creative Patrick Collister, the man behind The Won Report, gave his thoughts on the current state of the advertising industry:

‘There are too many clients....Every meeting is attended by at least six people all of whom have the power to kill an idea and only one (if you're lucky) has the power to buy."

He also had this to say on the global holding companies:

"It is not in shareholder's interests to be 'risky' - i.e. have ideas which no-one can predict will work or not. Thus multi-nationals, run by managers who report in to shareholders, will always be conservative organisations."

Pretty sobering thoughts don't you think?

And yet just days ago the D&AD awarded four of their hen's teeth like Black Pencils. Two of them to Droga5 NY!

Which surely goes to prove that in times of adversity true creativity really is the only way to succeed.

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