Thursday, 10 January 2008

Recycling direct mail

Now this is clever.

To bring to life how little effort was required to do your bit for the environment with Origin GreenPower, Wunderman Melbourne created the opposite - a direct mail piece that had obviously required a lot of work to be produced

A recycled mail-pack.

Nothing new in that, you’re probably thinking. But this was a genuinely recycled mail-pack.

The envelope used ‘dead mail’ that had been returned to Origin for a variety of reasons.

All mailing and return details on the envelopes were ‘crossed out’ by hand so they could be re-used.

The mail-packs were sealed with brown packing tape and the headline on the envelope was written by hand.

A very clever way to highlight Origin’s green credentials, whilst giving prospective customers very little excuse not to do their bit by switching to GreenPower.