Friday, 28 December 2007

Christmas card wrap

The boys over at Bannerblog have compiled a veritable mountain of agency Xmas e-cards.

More than 60 of them in fact.

Some good. Some not so good. And some that are just plain stupid.

Now I hate to be an old bah humbug, but why are so many agencies doing e-cards?

Sure than have a few moments of fun and interactivity. But you can't put them on the mantlepiece.

Nor can you hang them on a string above the mantlepiece.

What's that I hear you say - Not everyone has a mantlepiece.

No argument from me there.

But when your e-card has been played with and forgotten, the 'traditional' card sits proudly on display for the whole of the holiday season.

Check out this year's e-card selection here.