Sunday, 3 June 2007

Bum Banner

You don’t have to spend much time online to see a crap banner ad.
This is the first frame of a banner ad for AussieBum underwear.

Below is the closing frame of the same banner ad.
I've cut off the tagline and logo to make them fit my page layout.

I reckon banners are one of the great missed opportunities of the advertising world.

You hardly ever see a good one.

The big question is why?

Is it because so called above-the-line creatives don’t consider banners as worthy of their time?

Perhaps it could be because most online ads are done by designers rather than advertising creatives?

Whatever the reason, truly great single minded banners are few and far between.

As for this banner for mens’ underwear with a built in bulge, the less said the better.

I can’t imagine any half decent Creative Director ever letting this “idea” get beyond the concept stage.

The two frames above tell the whole story, but if you really can’t resist a bit of dodgy animated Full Monty action click here.