Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Give pick-n-click the flick

Someone sent me a link last year to the website of Zimmerman.

Stupidly I though it was going to be a Bob Dylan fan site or something similar.

Boy was I wrong.

Zimmerman looked like the kind of agency that anyone with an ounce of creativity wouldn't want to be working at.

Not that they probably have any need for creative thinkers, given their new venture Pick-n-Click Ads.

Whatever your business or marketing needs, register with Pick-n-Click and pick and click is pretty much all you need to do to get yourself some off the rack creative.

They have it all from print to TV, as well as radio, online and, believe it or not, DM.

Yes DM!

Forget closely targeted mail packs, these guys have a generic postcard that you can easily adapt to any offer or business message.

What kind of agency sets itself up to supply generic creative for unknown target audiences?

Certainly not one that I'd want to work with if I was in marketing that's for sure.