Monday, January 14, 2013

Vuitton gets digital

Fashionwise the global superbrands generally leave me cold.

They're just not my thing.

But it has to be said that under the creative direction of Marc Jacobs Lous Vuitton really gets the power of digital.

From collaborations with The Shelby to Kusama via Muhammad Ali this video showcases some of the gorgeous content they produced last year.

And of course it's all beautifully art directed.

Someone mentioned on Twitter the other day a job for a video editor at a digital agency that was paying $16 an hour.

I commented at the time that that hourly rate was probably reflective of the quality of finish of much online video.

Which is why I love Vuitton's digital stuff so much.

It looks like it was made by passionate professionals not overworked kids on sixteen bucks an hour.


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