Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Please stop shouting

With the Summer now underway down under the amount of TV worth watching is even less than usual.

I've managed to find two top notch shows tucked away of the new digital channel GEM.

One is The Big C and the other is Mary Queen of Shops.

What bugs me about these shows though are the ads.

Actually not the ads themselves but the sheer volume of the GEM ad breaks.

I swear they're twice as loud at the shows.

Don't the TV networks realise that everyone has a remote control these days?

So as soon as the shouting ads come on we hit the mute button.

Which means rather than noticing the occasional ad we are in fact shutting them off completely.


Meanwhile over in the US there's talk of legislation to put an end to this practice.

Not before time if you ask me!


Blogger Daniel Oyston said...

My issue is with the sheer volume of the other kind – the amount. I was watching Narnia the other night after slinking home from a steak and wine dinner and it got to the point that there were so many ad breaks I just said “Fuck this, I am off to bed”.

It just got way too painful. Who benefits in this approach?

My father in law was over from the UK and was watching it as well and recons it is not structured that way in the UK. So why do it here?

I did get a good laugh when we woke up in the morning and asked “Is it still going?”

BTW – I thought it was illegal here to have the ads louder anyway? And that it was just the balance, treble, pitch etc that they played with the make it seem louder.

7:58 AM  

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