Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's over already

It's Tuesday. The Ashes was supposed to finish yesterday.

They actually finished on Sunday. A day early.

So why oh why are Foxtel still running ads telling me I can catch The Ashes?

Wakey wakey Mr Foxtel Media Buyer.

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Blogger George said...

in this instance, i would guess that it wasn't the media buyer; he/she would have book X amount of impressions over a period of time. THe reason for what you saw would have either been an added value placement, given on the back of the purchase or that the site did not deliver the amount of impressions it was supposed to or the media owner doesn't have a new creative from the next placement yet to fill the slot. Either way I doubt it was the media buyer, unless he/she was extremely stupid!

oh and im not a media buyer, so its not like im trying to back up my own!!! great score on the cricket tho

2:00 AM  

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