Thursday, August 27, 2009

iPod Macro

One of the problems with the iPod is that no sooner have you bought the latest model and it goes and gets superceded by an even better one.

No such problem for designer Paul Smith who was given this one off iPod Macro for his birthday by Apple's head of design Jonathan Ive.

Lucky bugger!

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Blogger Daniel Oyston said...

That’s right! No sooner do I buy an iPod Touch (because it has 32gb instead of the iPhone with 16gb) and they bring out a 32gb iPhone!

So now I have a Nano that I don’t use. I was actually thinking about it this morning. It seems a waste just having it in the draw when I am sure there are kids out there who would love one.

But I can’t just give it to Salvo’s can I? So, I recon Apple should set up some sort of program where kids get old iPods and Apple provide some sort of public dock where they can go and sync it (cause I am also guessing that kids who don’t have iPods probably don’t have PC’s and iTunes).

8:05 AM  

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