Monday, 14 August 2017

Write, write & write again

For the first ad I ever wrote way back when I spent four whole days just coming up with headlines.

Four days.

I have no idea how many headlines I churned out but it was a bloody lot because my creative director kept asking to see a few more.

My experience on that first ad gave me the work ethic I still have today.

Just ask anyone who's ever worked for or with me about how I believe you need to generate a ton of stuff to find the gold.

A great example of this is copywriter Sally Hogshead who was tasked a few years back to come up with eight headlines for a BMW campaign.

To nail those eight she generated no less than 800 lines. Yes 800!

So was it worth all that effort?

I reckon Sally would say it was as five of her eight lines were recognised at One Show.