Friday, 16 June 2017

Some things never change

Ten years ago I was working on the launch of the all new Falcon for Ford.

I was part of a broad team so a lot (and I do mean a lot) of ideas were generated.

Over the course of what seemed like a lifetime close to 50 (yes 50) TVC concepts were presented to the client.

In the end the ad that was created was in essence a car driving along a winding road.

The accompanying outdoor campaign consisted of posters of the car with a Ford logo.

I was reminded of this by the Corsair ad above that I found on a Tumblr yesterday.

After all these years (and with so much more money and technology) auto advertising hasn't really changed.

Agencies and their creative people can come up with as many ideas as they want.

But in the end auto makers feel more comfortable running TV spots of cars driving on winding roads and posters of the car on a three quarter angle with a logo.