Friday 21 April 2017

I'll be back

My health took a turn for the weird this week. I'm just starting my journey to recovery so it'll be pretty quiet 'round here for a while. But like Arnie, I will be back! 

Friday 14 April 2017

Yeah ummm....

It's important to understand where the food you consume comes from. Especially when it involves animal flesh. But maybe this old French poster takes that philosophy a tad too far. 

Thursday 13 April 2017

Essential Reading

A friend recommended this book on Linkedin the other day. So I wnet and bought a copy.

I suggest you go do the same.

Such a great read. Especially in today's adland where digital smoke and mirrors types espouse the virtues of hot desks, paperless offices, clean desk policies etc.

And if that's not enough to convince you to head off to your local bookstore then consider this - the book talks about jazz pianist Keith Jarrett, Brian Eno and David Bowie in its opening pages.

But don't just take my word for it. Checkout this review.

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Please don't stop

I'm not a fan of using fullstops (or commas for that matter) in headlines.


Because I just think headlines look cleaner without them.

No idea what the knucklehead who typeset this Thank You piece was thinking when they put those unnecessary fullstops in. 

Tuesday 11 April 2017

Nice work by the Dr

Monday 10 April 2017

Gondry does FedEx


Is this two ads in one?

First half is the essence of Gondry - whimsical.

Second half has the most corporate buzzword filled corporate v/o I've heard in a while.

Smells suspiciously like a client who fell in love with the idea of Michel Gondry directing but didn't really have the guts to go all in.

What a missed opportunity.

Friday 7 April 2017

Air Max 30

A 30 poster series to celebrate 30 years of the Nike AirMax 1 by W+K London. Truly striking work that I'd really love to see in the flesh.

Thursday 6 April 2017

So so true

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Leica goes black and white

Beautifully made and elegantly voiced ode to the wonders of black and white. Not sure it's engaging enough to make me part with over eight grand for a purely black and white Leica. But you never know!

Tuesday 4 April 2017

It's not ok actually

There would've been very little fuss about an ad like this when I was a kid.

But times have changed. A lot.

And so what once would've been a bit of tongue in cheek blokey humour is now just not acceptable.

Violence against women is a societal problem. And whoever thought this was a good idea should have known that. 

Monday 3 April 2017

Samsung Ostrich

Samsung made a beautiful ad. Never thought I'd say that. But I have. Because they did.