Tuesday, 24 January 2017


It's never been easy getting a job in the creative department of an agency.

But young art director August Laustsen was finding it harder than most.

In fact he never heard back from any of the Swedish agencies he approached.

So he decided to think like a client. Or more correctly look, act and think like a client.

He sent out the following letter and get several responses from it:

My name is August and I'm the marketing director of EMERIH. We're a creative consulting company with our main office in Copenhagen. 

After big success in Denmark, we're now planning on expanding to the Swedish market and are looking for a new creative agency in Sweden. 

We do work for a wide range of clients from small non-profit organizations to giants like Coca-Cola. 

We really admire the work you've done for [insert] and would like to talk about the possibilities of a future cooperation. 

Since a large part of our business model is based on creativity, it's important that the creative department have a look at our website before we take it any further. 

You'll find it here: emerih.co 

Best regards, August Laustsen Marketing Director EMERIH

In case you were wondering EMERIH is 'hire me' spelt backwards!