Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Fear of the unknown

You have nothing to fear but fear itself.

I can't remember who said that but it's true.

At least it is when it comes to the world of commercial creativity.

Yet so many people go through their lives in adland afraid.

Afraid to speak up.

Afraid to give their opinion.

Afraid of being wrong.

Afraid of looking stupid.

Afraid of failure.

Trust me kids. I've been retrenched from WPP not one but twice.

I helped start and agency and walked away after a year.

I chose to focus on direct and digital when big TV was the place to be.

I chose to go work in London in my late thirties rather than my twenties.

And I walked away from the Aus agency of the year to go work for a tech company.

Was I afraid when I did these things?

Damn right I was. But I did them anyway.


Why the hell not!