Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Not a single comment...

This story appeared on Aussie ad industry blog Campaign Brief last week.

Last time I looked it had received not one comment.

Which for me says such much about the mentality of the sort of people who have made the comments section of Campaign Brief so 'notorious'.

Marcello Serpa is a true legend of modern advertising who is (almost) singlehandedly responsible for the growth of creativity in South America and hence the world.

To be awarded the coveted Lion of St Mark speaks volumes.

Sadly so does the lack of commentary for disgruntled Aussie creatives.

Valentines Day cards = Comments.

Power company pitch = Comments

Crappy outdoor for Zoolander 2 = Comments

St Marks for Serpa = Deathly silence


*UPDATE: Just checked. One comment. Oh dear...