Thursday, 9 July 2015

What is Cannes?

This week my team made a direct mail poster with an augmented reality feature.

When we presented the concept the client team were amazed by the AR.

They'd never seen anything like it.

Not surprising really as these kind of ideas are generally only seen in case study videos at award shows.

Which leads me very nicely to this brilliant but lengthy quote about Cannes Lions by Tom Goodwin from Havas:

"I wonder if it isn’t time to put Cannes in its place — as a source of inspiration and provocation, rather than a celebration of the best work the industry has done for clients in the year gone by. 

I’d liken it to a fashion show. 

No normal people buy the haute couture designs but they nonetheless set trends and influence high street fashion. 

Isn’t it best to see the Cannes winners in the same light? 

To set them on a pedestal and challenge the industry to do more work like this, or which takes inspiration from this, with mainstream budgets in the real world. 

This would be a useful filter for judges too — and might lead to the weeding out of “clever-clever” ideas that aren’t scalable."