Monday, 18 May 2015

Shoes or sexy?

I snapped this pic in the Milan airport while on holiday.

It's one of a couple of Bata posters hanging prominently throughout what is a truly magnificent beast of a railway station.

As a kid I grew up with Bata school shoes. I'm sure you did too.

So when I saw a Bata store in Italy I couldn't stop myself from taking a look inside.

They sell shoes. Not bad ones either.

Which is why I found this Bata ad so bewildering.

The girls have great legs. And they look like they're having a fun time.

But this is supposed to be an ad for shoes?

Shoes you can hardly see!

I saw dozens of these female focussed ads in Italy. All of them 'fleshy' and a little borrowed interest.

It's like the eighties never ended!