Monday, 2 December 2013

Creative + Media = Pg3

When I was at JWT back in the 90s we had a media department. Large one too.

Then one day the big wigs at WPP decided to spin off media as a special service and created Mindshare.

Most of the other agencies followed suit.

Apart from the fact that the JWT media dept was heavily populated by young females I didn't think it was that big a deal when media moved out to their own building.

But once they were gone we I certainly missed sharing ideas with them and having them help make them even better with their media savvy.

These days it is very rare to have media in house. At least in a big agency.

And I guess that's why I love this Playstation ad so much.

Not because it's clever. And certainly not for its art diection.

No I love it because it clearly shows the power of creative and media working together.

I mean how else could an ad have knocked the Page-3 Girl off page 3 of The Sun?