Friday, 12 April 2013

Celebrating the forgotten heroes

Cycling brand Rapha is one of my favourite brands.

Yes they make a lot of lycra but they don't cover it in ridiculous logos.

It is probably best described as a fashion savvy cycling brand.

Which is probably why it has developed a sizeable yet cult following amongst cycling aficionados.

They genuinely understand people who love the self propelled two wheel experience.

A great example of this is their new jersey in collaboration with Paul Smith.

It's black. Nothing new in that. But the story behind it makes it a very special black.

It's an homage (or should that be celebration) of the Maglia Nera. The jersey awarded to the person who finished last in the Giro d'Italia back in the day.

A celebration of the bloke who comes last. Can't imagine Nike or Adidas doing that?

But Rapha have done it.

And they've done it because they know that after two weeks of flat out competitive cycling simply crossing the finishing line is an achievement in itself.

So big thumbs up from me to Rapha.

Big thumbs down as well though as they're already out of my size!

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