Thursday, 7 March 2013

Difference of opinion

A couple of days ago I started seeing people sharing stuff about a dancing pony on my Facebook.

Many of these people also found a way to incorporate the phrase "keep on internetting" in their status update.

It didn't take me long to see that W&K London had created a campaign that was going viral.

A bona fide success.

Then for some reason or other it turned up on the Campaign Brief Blog.

The Blog as we Oz creatives call it is often criticised for it vitriolic and generally negative comments.

Most of them anonymous.

So what did commenters on The Blog think of what was now a viral success story?

Well here's a sample:

"Gangnam style also topped the viral video chart. It doesn't mean it's good."

"Wiedens London ain't that great anymore."

"It's amazing how this low-grade comedy works on people. Then again may be the people giving this web-hits are all 10 years old. Or have the brains of ten year olds."

So there you have it.

Either ordinary punters are idiots or the commenters on The Blog are.

I know whose judgement I trust.