Thursday, 22 November 2012

The new Earth Hour?

Remember Earth Hour?

Of course you do!

I don't remember us having an Earth Hour this year though. Do you?

Anyway this post isn't about Earth Hour. It's about what happened after the original Earth Hour.

I'm talking about bandwagon jumping ad agencies looking to piggyback off Earth Hour in the pursuit of award show glory.

I've lost count of the number of Earth Hour related campaigns I've seen over the years.

This year it seems creatives have jumped off the Earth Hour bandwagon and hopped aboard a new one - Movember.

Seems like every day I see or hear about another Movember idea or campaign.

Most of them are borrowed interest at best. And look suspiciously to me like they were created for no other reason than to enter in to award shows.

Call me cynical if you will. And over the years many people have. But Movember is far too important to use it for personal glory.