Friday, 19 October 2012

Women and their first time

"Where are all the female creative directors" is a common topic in adland.

Has been since forever.

My first CD was a women. Taught me stuff in my first week on the job that I still share with juniors twenty years later.

My wife is a marketer and if you asked her she'd say the best work she was involved in had a female CD at the helm.

And yet even though we've both worked with and learnt from supremely talented female creative directors it seems we are in the minority.

No idea why.

Suffice to say if you too want to benefit from the wisdom of a successful female creative I suggest you get hold of a copy of My First Time W by Phil Grownick.

In the book several top notch female creatives including my personal hero Sarah Barclay share stories about the first ad they ever made.

You can get a copy from Amazon. I suggest you get clicking and order one right now!