Thursday, 20 September 2012

Return to Snake River

As a kid growing up in the 70's there was no shortage of people for a young boy to idolise.

But for me there was none cooler than Evel Knievel.

He was equal parts Muhammed Ali, George Best and David Bowie.

On a motorbike.

His biggest most ridiculous and ultimately most famous stunt was went he attempted to jump the Snake River Canyon in a what was loosely termed a rocketship.

Truth be told it was anything but a rocket and the stunt failed. Sadly.

38 years later for some obscure reason Audi decided to recreate the Snake River jump to promote the Audi RS5.

With a 4.2L 450hp V8 engine under the bonnet the RS5 is obviously seriously powerful.

Whether it's powerful enough to pull off what Evel Knievel couldn't remains to be seen.

Makes for a cracking little video though.