Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Enough with the ads already

I first got involved in the digital side of the ad business way back in 1995.

The internet was still called the information superhighway back then.

One of the great promises of digital was that it would bring to an end the era of interruptive advertising.

Sadly it hasn't.

In fact it's more interruptive than ever.

It's almost impossible to avoid ads these days.

Case in point is the announcement today of a new form of advertising in Australia - the lids of takeaway coffee cups.

Honestly. Do we really need this shit?

The company behind it is, of course, called Lid Media.

Which makes branching out into advertising on the rest of the cup a little difficult.

Anyway according to their press release Lid Media "has developed a patented method to stick messages on take away coffee lids."

Just what the world need. Not!