Thursday, 22 March 2012

Don Draper versus reality

Don Draper presenting the emotional story behind this ad is one of my favourite moments in Mad Men.

His technique of personal storytelling when presenting work is something I do all the time.

But how do The Don's ads compare to the actual ads produced at the time?

Well here's the actual Kodak Carousel ad:

The actual Carousel ad is very much of its time unlike Draper's ad for Janzen was way ahead of its time.

In fact it looks like it would have come from the 1970's.

Unlike the original which looks like it was done in the 1930's!

Like Janzen the Mad Men ad for Life cereal also looks very modern.

I love the bold use of type too.

In fact it reminds me a lot of the print work of the Campaign Palace in their heyday.

Of course the original Life ad does have a certain charm.

But it has none of the cut through of the Draper piece.