Monday, 13 February 2012

Ideas for the Chip Shop

I love the idea of the Chip Shop Awards from the UK.

They're a great opportunity for frustrated creatives to get those unloved ideas out of the bottom drawer and into an award show.

Without resorting to scam advertising!

This campaign for childhood obesity is an entrant in this year's Chip Shops.

Pretty good don't you think?

Apart from highlighting the issue of childhood obesity it also does a great job of highlighting the issues around scam ads.

Anyone can have an idea.

But not everyone can have an idea that is done to a brief and approved by the client.

There's no way this campaign could ever have run. So it is judged purely on the idea.

Which is why it's unfair to put scams up against real ads in award shows.

And therein endeth this month's rail against scams.