Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Time to get a real job

The annual Design Industry Voices survey of British design and digital agencies has just been released.

Around 500 agency staff contributed and much of what they had to say comes as no surprise to me.

It still makes for a depressing read though.

Here's a couple of highlights (if you could call them that):

85% say that clients expect more work for less money.

71% say clients expect more work in pitches for free.

43% are using more unpaid interns.

35% of agency staff have been with their agency less than a year.

And if those points aren't depressing enough how 'bout these quotes from survey respondents;

“Clients want twice as much work for half the money.”

“Clients want everything done at speed for no money."

Wonder what Bernbach, Ogilvy or the fictional Don Draper would make of it all?