Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Idea engineers - the aftermath

Yesterday I shared a link on Twitter to an hysterical agency promo video for Sapient.

Actually hysterical really doesn't do justice to how bad it was.

As I'm sure you know the video went viral in a big way.

Today Sapient addressed the video and the laughter in the twittersphere via their blog.

They opened with this lovely little statement;

We’re guessing you’ve seen 'the video.'

Rather than try and cover up what had happened they took it on the chin and had a good laugh at themselves.

Hell they even shared some of the best tweets.

They also made this promise about those tweets;

So for all you “creative carpenters” out there, check out the best reactions below.

And feel free to comment at will. We’ll never delete them (that would be very very silly).

Which is all good and well.

But they also went and deleted the video.