Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Bag or brand?

Whenever we've had to organise leaving presents for female staff members at work I often joke about buying a cheap necklace and putting it in a turquoise Tiffany's bag.

Every woman loves the Tiffany's bag is always my argument.

Plus most of their affordable stuff is essentially trinkets anyway.

The girls never seem to agree.

In fact they scoff. Loudly.

Yesterday I went to pick up a box of bags for my wife's boutique.

The bag shop's shopfront was literally stacked from floor to ceiling with bags for high-end stores.

Or brands as we like to call them.

I just had to sneak a photo or two.

And these pics are I believe one of the best arguments for the powers of brands that I've seen in ages.

Just look at them. A wall of anonymous shopping bags.

But take one off the shelf. Say a turquoise one. And suddenly you're walking down the street with a piece of Tiffany's.

Not a shopping bag.