Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Learn to kern

If you've watched the speech Steve Jobs gave at Stanford University you're sure to remember how he spoke about taking a calligraphy class.

His love for perfectly executed type has permeated everything Apple has done over the years.

Like Steve I'm big on typography too.

Which is why I find the internet so frustrating.

With a handful of exceptions type on the web leaves a hell of a lot to be desired.

And when you try and do something about it the designers and developers always have a reason why it can't be done.

Which infuriates me to be honest.

Over the weekend somebody sent me a link to Kern Type.

It's brilliant.

A fun interactive experience where you can put your typesetting skills to the test.

Mine weren't that great to be honest. But I'm a copywriter so that's ok.

But if you're a designer or art director I recommend you click here and go check it out.

Trust me. It's worth it!