Monday, 31 October 2011

Banksy on Qantas

Luckily I ain't going nowhere this week so the grounding of the Qantas fleet has no impact on my life.

In fact I reckon the Banksy pic above pretty much sums up the whole situation.

It has of course been all over Twitter since the news broke.

As you'd expect in the social media age.

There were laughs aplenty in the tweets of a fake account for Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

And a few awkward moments for Stanford uni student Alan Joyce who had nothing to do with Qantas but did share his name with the airline's CEO.

I really loved this opportunity spotting tweet from a lady of the night offering her services to passengers stranded at Heathrow.

Best thing about the grounding of Qantas though (at least for me) is it keeps John Travolta at home for a couple of days.

And you've gotta be thankful for that!