Thursday, 4 August 2011

What's with Twitter?


I resisted it's lure for quite some time until Julian Cole talked me around.

Since then I've never looked back.

These days it's hard to imagine life without Twitter to be honest.

Yet 80% or possibly more of the people I work with aren't on it.

Nor are most of my clients.

Anyway what I have never understood about Twitter is how they ever make any money.

And I've really been thinking about that over the last day or 2 since I heard that Twitter was opening an office on Madison Ave.

Yep. They're movin' to adland.

Still doesn't explain the mystery of the money though.

Especially since they're well on the way to employing 600 people.

600 people!

Trying to work out what all those people do is almost as perplexing as working out where their income comes from.

Maybe I should stop worrying and just learn to enjoy my time on Twitter.

At least until the money runs out!