Monday, 1 August 2011

Negative or Plus?

Obviously it's still very early days for Google+ but I have to say at the moment I'm just not lovin' it.

Then again it might just be me.

Who knows!

You see I like keeping up with friends who are both close and not so close via Facebook.

I also love spending time with thousands of people I've never met on Twitter.

Google+ conveniently lets me combine them both.

I'm not sure I want to to be honest.

Even if I can group then into Circles.

Like I said it's early days. But I can't help thinking my friend Kirsten put it best in this post on Google+:

"This a bit like a party where they've run out of beer. Awkward. I mean seriously.

I've invested time and effort being erudite and witty at another party and I just can't be fagged doing it all again.

There are no hot men and the music's crap.

Someone say something provocative or post something before I take my coat and go home. ;-)"