Friday, 19 August 2011

Melbourne isn't important?

My work has been recognised at award shows across the world.

But the honours I am most proud of are from the MADC.

Our very own Melbourne based industry awards.

Sure they may not be considered to be up there with D&AD or Cannes. But an MADC is a bloody hard award to win.

Too hard according to some critics.

Which is why I was surprised to read that Melbourne's own GPY&R had decided not to enter this year's MADC Awards.

Apparently because it carries no weight in creative rankings.


Since when did rankings become more important to creative people than being recognised by your peers along St Kilda Rd?

Not being a part of the MADC is a very un-Melburnian thing to do.

The local adland equivalent of the time Manchester Utd chose not to enter the FA Cup.

Very sad. Very sad indeed.