Monday, 25 July 2011


News broke late last week that Brazilian agency Moma Propaganda had had their Lions taken away from them by Cannes officials.

Turns out the ads in question for auto brand Kia were scams.

Surprise surprise!

I reckon even a work experience kid could tell that an auto client would never run "raunchy" ads like these.

So why didn't anyone on the jury pick it up?

Similar thing happened last year with yet another Brazilian agency having to hand back the Grand Prix for a Scrabble campaign.

Given how expensive it is to enter work into Cannes surely there should be far more stringent entry criteria?

According to the chief executive of the festival Philip Thomas, "Rules state clearly that if requested, proof must be provided that campaigns ran and were legitimately created for a fee-paying client."

Perhaps proof should be provided with the entry. Along with the signature of the client.