Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Happy birthday to me!

This blog is five years old today.

Much has happened since I started it.

It was created during my sabbatical year I spent teaching in the advertising degree at RMIT University.

Doing this blog helped me get to speak at a PR conference, guest lecture at Melbourne University and talk about brands at the Design Festival where I shared the stage with an old colleague - Chloe Quigley from Michi Girl.

It also helped me to secure a monthly column with Marketing magazine.

The column also has its own dedicated blog which you can find here.

Doing the blog has helped me meet literally dozens of wonderful people both in Australia and across the globe.

When I began I had never heard of Facebook.

YouTube had only just launched and neither Twitter, Foursquare or the ubiquitous iPhone had been created.

Quite a busy five years to honest.

Not sure I'll still be doing it five years from now.

But then again when I set up the blog during my time at RMIT I was seriously thinking that my career as a creative was over.

So here's to the next five years.

Thanx for stopping by.