Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ads worth reading?

Last couple of times I've travelled for business I've seen people on the plane reading a book on a Kindle or an iPad.

What was once a novelty has quickly become commonplace.

Now Amazon are about to launch an ad supported version of the Kindle.

It'll retail for about 30% less than the normal Kindle.

And ads will be mainly banners on the homescreen and possibly screensavers.

Given the way Amazon collects data on its consumers I'd say the ad supported Kindle will definitely appeal to brands looking for tightly targeted advertising.

And Amazon will definitely promote the fact that consumers are more receptive to advertising that has been tailored to them.

Which is all good and well.

But what I wanna know is when the big digital brands and media owners are gonna stop using good old fashioned interuptive advertising and start coming up with a genuinely innovative alternative.