Monday, 7 March 2011

All you need is cash

The Beatles. Four lads from Liverpool who made a bunch of great music and broke up over 40 years ago.

Two of the four have passed away. One of them as long as 30 years ago.

So lets face it - in the eyes of the kids they're what the punk generation would have called dinosaurs.

Yesterday's heroes.

Which is why I can't get my head around these sneakers.

They carry the Beatles logotype and the Apple that their company was named after.

But what do a pair of white canvas sneakers have to do with the Beatles?

Turns out these are a brand of sneakers that John Lennon used to wear.

And that's it.

Although it's apparently enough for the people at Comme Des Garcons to consider it worthy of commemorating 40 years after the break up of the band!

Talk about barrel bottom scraping.

Best (or should that be worst) of all these babies retail for a mere $295.

Me thinks anyone considering a pair should first take a listen to this song.

Then donate the $295 to a charity of their choice.