Monday, 21 February 2011

Facebook at work

According to a recent US survey access to Facebook is blocked by more workplaces than any other site.

Which for me says one of two things:

Either people are wasting way to much time on Facebook or businesses think that people are wasting too much time on Facebook.

So what did those workplace timewasters do at work before Facebook came along?

I reckon they chatted with friends on the phone.

And more recently probably spent a lot of time chating on MSN Messenger.

Facebook just takes the plce of those two chat devices.

So it stands to reason that in workplaces where Facebook is blocked more people spend more time gasbagging on the phone.

Obviously I have no hard evidence of this. But I have an inkling that it is probably the case.

What I also miagine is happening is people are beating the system by accessing Facebook on their mobile phones instead.

Which kinda makes me smile to be honest.

Love to hear what you think.