Monday, 10 January 2011

A burnt bridge

I've had several jobs over the course of my career.

Most of them I left of my own accord.

Regardless of how or why I left I never burnt any bridges.

At least none that I know of.

Someone who has done though is Ted McCacgg. He's a CD at R/GA.

Ted's just published a book of his drawings. That's the cover above.

Anyway tucked away in the credits you'll find the following gem dedicated to McCanns in San Francisco where he once freelanced:

"...without whose brain-numbing, soul-killing freelance job I would have never found the need to do something creative every day, and thus, started to produce these drawings.”

Obviously once you get to be CD at an agency like R/GA I guess you can say you've made it careerwise.

But as a wise man once said to me - be nice to people on the way up because you tend to meet them on the way down.

Click here for a peak at Ted's book.