Monday, 6 December 2010

Small space wizardry

I've done a lot of work with automotive brands over the course of my career.

And it gets harder and harder with each passing year to find something new to say.

Not because I'm running out of ideas but because the techological advancements are making it harder to find something to set one brand apart from its competitors.

Of course when it comes to selling your own much loved car on CarSales or eBay the copywriter is king.

Take a look at this charming example from the US if you don't believe me:

Now check out these features. Classic!

*This is the car that never dies (I wanted it to die for years, but never has)

*Tyres with lots of tread left

*Adequate trunk space for this size of vehicle!

*Manual transmission so you feel like it has more vroom

*A dashboard with the vinyl pre-cracked

*Runs but makes unidentifiable engine noises

*It's a Toyota, seriously, they go forever

Act now and I will throw in free snow chains (if they are still in the trunk) that I was forced to buy to make it over the Sierra-Nevada one late December!