Monday, 29 November 2010

Make the logo bigger

I've seen a few of these rather dull Just Jeans posters around Melbourne town.

Age snapped this particular one.

It brings to mind this classic adland tale:

A client and a suit were on a junket together at the Cannes Lions festival.

As they wandered the Croisset the suit pointed out the client's huge logo suspended up high on a promotional billboard.

At that very moment the brakes failed on a truck and it careered into the pole supporting the billboard.

The client and the suit looked on in horror as the billboard bearing the huge logo plummeted to the ground killing an innocent passer by.

Aghast the client turned to the suit and exclaimed;

"If you'd made the logo bigger like I asked you, that poor soul would have been able to see it coming, and this terrible situation could have easily been avoided."