Wednesday, 4 August 2010


The Old Spice campaign has had much coverage in the trade press and blogosphere of late.

As it should because it is a sensational campaign.

What I love about it though is the fact that it is driven by writing.

Yes writing.

So many award winning ads today feature little or no dialog. Just music and perhaps a voice over at the end.

The Old Spice work however is the result of some top notch wordsmithing.

If you’re an aspiring copywriter I suggest you watch as many of the Old Spice ads and videos as you possibly can.

Actually don’t watch them as much as listen to them. Closely.

Get a feel for the rythym. The way the words tumble effortlessly.

Don’t attempt to mimmick them or write like them.

Just listen to the way the words fit together.

Because I very much doubt you’ll hear better writing for advertising this year.