Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Beatles' Principles

An unexpected surprise landed in my inbox this morning.

I think it's been taken from a business magazine. But I'm not completely sure.

It is however definitely worth sharing with you. Enjoy!

The Beatles' Principles

Principle #1: Invest in and build face time between team members long before they are required to appear together.

Principle #2: Evolve your “songs” and bring the same level of ideas, new perspectives, excitement, and enthusiasm to your hundredth meeting with a client that you brought to the first.

Principle #3: Help team members become brands-within-a-brand by giving them a song — an idea or proposal — that will help them to shine.

Principle #4: Put exceedingly diverse professionals on the same team, mix specialists with generalists, and foster friendly competition to produce the best ideas.