Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Dark side of the pitch

Working on a pitch is part ‘n parcel of life in the ad biz.

Late nights. Weekends. Stress. Arguments.

They’re all occupational hazards.

And although we complain about them (well I do) we wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

Winning a pitch is an indescribable feeling.

There really is nothing quite like it.

Even losing a pitch can have its upsides of sorts.

Camaraderie. Team bonding. Energy. And no shortage of sorrow drowning drinks.

What is never pretty however is when an incumbent is asked to pitch to retain a piece of business and loses.

Because people end up losing their jobs.

Good people. Hard working people. People with kids, mortgages and debts hanging over their heads.

Next time you’re on the end of a big pitch win do me a favour.

Before the celebrations get out of hand take a moment to be humble.

Crack open a bottle and gather your colleagues to drink a toast to those who have lost.

Lost not just a pitch but a piece of business.

Because one day you may be one of them.